When very important and honourable guests come visiting, a reception that corresponds
to their status can be arranged with Olde Hansa.Guests of the Town Government are treated with special respect.
The herald of the house, along with musicians, meets the guests at the city gates.
To the sound of drum and bagpipe the procession comes to the old marketplace where the arrival of the noble guests is announced to the citizens. The herald takes care of feast; announces all dishes and explains the food and drink to the honourable guests.
The feast will be full of surprises and culminates with the pride of medieval cooking –
a fabulous illusion dish.
Under the guidance of the herald is held the most majestic medieval party ever seen. At least ten honourable guests are needed to make the Great feast happen.At the end of the fabulous feast each guest receives a certificate from the Rewal Town Government.Complete this important trade with our secretary.