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Olde Hansa

Entertainment in Olde Hansa

In the Middle Ages, the feast did not mean just filling your stomach, but the main reason for meeting over a meal was either for peace-making, marriage-settlement, making contracts or many other deals. All kinds of comedians, musicians and actors were involved. Olde Hansa was the center point for commerce and business, merriment, and relaxation for the weary travelers and local merchants.

Olde Hansa Musicus…

all year around

Our troubadours play in the restaurant six nights a week, from 6PM to 9PM. You can hear the works of composers who worked in the 15th century on the same instruments common in medieval times, such as the hurdy-gurdy, fiddle, bagpipes, and flutes.

Amongst other compositions, one can hear love songs written by the oldest and most productive composer of the old France, Guillaume de Machaut in the early 14th century. In addition visitors to the house can hear pieces from ancient Persia and Armenia, rare songs and spells from old Finland, stories from Scandinavia from the king’s court of Sweden, and mystical cantigas written by the Spanish king and talented composer of the 13th century, Alfonso El Sabio.

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Spice Merchants´s Daughter form Far East…

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Our Rich Merchant has welcomed – from the Far East – a fellow merchant specialising in the trade of exotic spices.
In return for our Rich Merchant’s hospitality, the Spice Trader has allowed his eldest daughter to perform traditional, mystical eastern dances – demonstrating her elegant art of movement whilst balancing flame and then sword.

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