Six days a week, from Tuesday to Sunday, the guests of Olde Hansa are welcome to enjoy live music concerts. Musicians arrive at the house at 6 p.m. and delight guests until 9 p.m.


Apollonia Gottesgabe and Cadia Voxmundi will perform with medieval stories from both the East and the West. Apollonia masterfully plays a myriad of different wind instruments (flutes, whistles, birbyne, bagpipes), while Cadia enchants amazing tunes from both wind and string instruments (flutes, bagpipe, bansuri, nickel bell, hurdy-gurdy).


Elisabeth Hundsrose (bansuri, recorders, nickel, drums) and Violetta Bogen (fillet, nickel, wheel lyre, drums) play both medieval instrumental songs and ancient Estonian tunes.


FRIDAY 29.10
The night will bring you beloved songs from medieval Europe mixed with Scandinavian and Balkan folk, as well as Caucasian-inspired music. The stage welcomes Brigitta Pilweköndia (flutes, drums, nyckelharpa), Cadia Voxmundi (bagpipes, flutes, nyckelharpa, hurdy-gurdy, drums) and Violetta Bogen (fillet, nipple, hudy-gurdy, drums).


Egon Schönhertz will perform songs on themes that have inspired troubadours through the centuries: love, war, homesickness.
Together with Egon you will hear Violetta Bogen (fillets, nickel bell, wheel lyre, drums) and Cadia Voxmund (recorders, Estonian bagpipe, Indian bamboo flute bansuri, hurdy-gurdy, nnyckelharpa, drums).


music from the early Middle Ages to the Renaissance in Europe.
Recorders are played by Brigitta Pilweköndia, medieval string instruments Hildegard Goldhaar.