Old Town FoodFest at Olde Hansas

Old Town FoodFest from 12.april till 22.april

Olde Hansa FoodFest Special menu

3-course menu only 28 euros per person


Mushroom crème with poached egg – A dish of the present – mushrooms were held in high esteem during the Middle Ages and this is the reason why we’ve always regarded them highly in Olde Hansa.


Rabbit stuffed with apricots and plums with Belgian beer sauce and parsnip purée – A dish of the past – rabbits have featured in our menu for many years, but now they’ve been given a facelift to make a return for the FoodFest


Cream cheese cake with fudge ice cream – A dish of the future – we’ve never had a frozen dessert on our menu before; therefore, our patrons can expect an innovative and refreshing choice.

And do not forget to book a table with special request “FoodFest” – menu is offered during restaurant opening hours