Dinner of a Turkish Sultan

Dinner of a
Turkish Sultan

12.04.2109 - Dinner of a Turkish Sultan

The long travels of Hanseatic merchants often take them to Arabic countries where they can pick up enchanting, seductive and aromatic spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cardamom that are priced higher than gold and will cause fireworks on one’s palate. Medieval Arabic tribal dance, masterful drumming and delicious medieval meals all come together on one special night a year.

Time: 12 April, starting at 19.00-21.00
Venue: 2nd floor of Olde Hansa
Entertainers: Olde Hansa Musicus and Chronis Taxidis on drums, Tribal dancers
Price: 35 EUR/guest

Salmon of Andalusian sultan
Juniper flavoured beef with creamed horseradish
Chickpea-spinach spread with cumin crispbread
London merchant´s saffron pickles
Berries of the Highly Blessed Olive Tree
Herb bread with nuts and Castle´s fresh cheese

Main dishes:
Spicy lamb dish
Lightly smoked rosemary chicken

Side dishes for main:

Crusader´s lentil sauce
Ginger turnip

Turkish delight – marzipan, dried fruits and fudge delicacies