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Enrich your medieval experience with the following:

Medieval Musicians

Olde Hansa’s musicians are renowned for their exceptional skills. With musical instruments that are authentic to the 15th century, our troubadours will play dirges that have graced the walls of this house for centuries. We offer a personal musical experience for you and your guests with our musicians playing for and at your table.

Special Gifts

Olde Hansa can offer some exceptional gifts for family, friends and colleagues. From sweet temptations of such as fudge, and our famous sweet almonds to delicacies as potted honey and onion jams, we have delightfully packaged gifts for all. Add to this our bottled beers and homemdae schnapps and we can provide gifts for small and large numbers.

Schnapps Tasting

Why not add a special treat to your visit to Olde Hansa. For groups of two or more we can offer schnapps tasting platter where you can try samples of our famous flavoured schnapps, made famous by our Crafty Monk. From these tests you will be able to select your favourite for longer-lasting pleasure.

Old Town Procession

For larger groups and for special occasions, be greeted at your hotel by our medieval Herald and be led by our wandering troubadours through the streets of the Old Town. During your evening you will hosted by our House Herald who will guide you through an evening of festivities and entertainment; a truly majestic evening for all.