Starmaker OÜ

Behind Olde Hansa Medieval Restaurant –
Starmaker OÜ

Starmaker OÜ is an Estonian company and has been in operation since 1998 when the original concept of a medieval dining house was put into being.

Starmaker OÜ is the holding company of the Olde Hansa brand which includes the outlets of the Olde Hansa restaurant, the retail store of Shoppe, and the tavern of Kolmas Draakon.

In addition to its retail arm, Starmaker OÜ also has extended its operations into the field of production and manufacturing. Starmaker OÜ now produces a range of retail goods including glassware, ceramics, a variety of flavoured almonds, beers and liquors, and, most recently, a range of caramel fudges. These products are sold either through Starmaker’s online store or through third-party retail outlets in Estonia.

Starmaker OÜ is a private enterprise and the current Chief Executive Officer is Mrs Tene Link.