Honourable travellers, You are most welcome
to Olde Hansa’s rich merchant’s home!

House of Olde Hansa

Here we live according to the old Hanseatic customs, which are expressed in every act and every little detail of the servants, the current dwellers of the house. Everything that you see, hear, taste or touch, has been made by the role models of 15th century, so the traveling visitor entering the house will find themselves in the wheel of time, led by ordinary servant folks as their guides to complete your medieval experience.

Here, at Olde Hansa restaurant we are dedicated to bring you all the wonders of medieval kitchen and spirits what drinkmasters have created.

The three floors of the Olde Hansa, with its 300 seats, are a dining spot worth discovering, any mural, furniture or other detail is related to an exciting story or purpose.

Meaning of Olde Hansa

The words ‘Olde’ and ‘Hansa’ derives from ‘old German’ and together means the old tribe.

It is therefore through our name that we express a desire to pay homage to the customs of the past, and delivering this experience through our family of servants and staff.

Olde Hansa Gild – the carrier of our values

It unites all the people of the house – apprentices, journeymen, and craftsmen. Just like in the Middle Ages, only those who do the confection can become the craftsman here. In the Middle Ages, it was necessary to train the profession under the best masters for several years. In Olde Hansa, a journeyman must work at least a year in the merchant’s house, before he can boast of the title of a craftsman.

This tradition has lasted for 20 years, and about 400 members of Olde Guild have earned the title of a craftsman.

Our virtues are Human Respect, Trustworthiness, Friendliness, Courage, Eagerness to Learn, Fair-Mindedness, Staidness and Justice.