Olde Hansa Cuisine

Olde Hansa Cuisine –
well-known in particular for its game meat dishes.

The Olde Hansa’s cuisine is well-known in particular for its game meat dishes. There are as many as seven different choices in the menu. Out of those, bear stewed in wild berry sauce, and the elk tenderloin in a truffle sauce can be considered as crown jewels.


The use of spices is critical in Olde Hansa. Cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, saffron, mackerel, and cloves are the heart of the food of Olde Hansa. Aromatic delicacies are made under the watchful eye of Emmanuel Wille, who attaches great importance to the balance of flavors. In each combination of flavors and in each dish, sweet, salty, sour, bitter and so-called umami must be present. This balancing act makes the dishes of Olde Hansa irresistible, and a guest rarely leaves any scraps of food on their plate, even though the portions are quite hearty.

Raw materials

Olde Hansa also uses fresh and country grown ingredients that are obtained directly from local farmers and hunters. It goes without saying that lentils do not grow in Estonia and spices come from the east, in the old days they were brought on ships to the Tallinn harbor, but the vast majority of raw materials are local, wholesome and of very high quality.