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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Olde Hansa is full of interesting surprises and fascinating facts. We are constantly asked about why we do the things we do and therefore we are pleased to provide some answers to our most-asked questions:

What Exactly is Olde Hansa?

– Olde Hansa is the ‘must-go, must-see’ dining experience in Old Town of Tallinn.

– Famous throughout Europe, Olde Hansa has touched the hearts & emotions of thousands of travellers from over 130 countries since we opened our doors in 1998.

– This year we will be greeting our 6 millionth paying guest.

What style Olde Hansa’s Cuisine?

– Olde Hansa restaurant is famous for many reasons, but primarily it is the stand-out medieval cuisine – created by Master Cook (Executive Chef) Emmanuel Wille – with highlights such as:
Elk Meat – Wild Boar – Game Sausages – Fresh Grilled Salmon – Rose Pudding – Honey Beer – Homemade Schnapps

– Our Master Cook has recreated over 100 medieval recipes in the last 19 years. These are from documented recipes taken from medieval texts from all over the region.

Why are there No Potatoes or Tomatoes on the Menu ?

– All our dishes are carefully researched from authentic medieval documents and reflect – as closely as possible – the dining that a wealthy household from the 15th century would prepare.

– Potatoes and tomatoes – to name but two foods – were not yet part of the European diet – still awaiting their arrival from the New Worlde.

Do You Have Your Own Staff Training School ?

– Yes – it is called the Hansa Guild and all our household go through rigorous educational training to ensure that the Olde Hansa medieval experience is delivered to all our visitors in an authentic and friendly manner.

Is the Servant’s Clothing Period-accurate ?

– Yes – each and every stitch! We have our own tailor and seamstress who both research the period in exceptional detail. We leave no stone unturned in checking authenticity of patterns and fabrics, and even in the case of our famous curly-toed shoes.

Why is it So Dark in Olde Hansa?

– In fact the lighting in Olde Hansa is much brighter than it would have been at evening meal time in the 15th century – as we do use some additional – but hidden – lighting for our dining halls.

– With glass windows being a luxury reserved for the most noble of households, windows were often small allowing minimal lighting and some much-needed ventilation!

– Our candle-lit rooms help heighten our other senses such as smell, touch and taste, and promote conversation in much the same as it would have done over 500 years ago.

– We burn in excess of 18,000 candles each year within the House.

If Olde Hansa is ‘so’ Medieval, why do you have WiFi ?

– As in the 15th century, the head of the household would provide its guests with ‘runners’ to collect or deliver messages. We do the same today – it is called WiFi.

Is Olde Hansa More Expensive than other Old Town Restaurants and if so, Why?

– No, not really. We are comparable to other top restaurants in Tallinn, but we go that little bit further by delivering a unique service-style and ambiance that is as true-to-the-past as possible.

– All our furniture, table and glassware are handmade, paying homage to the designs and craftmanship of the period.

– All our dishes are made from top-quality meats, fruits & vegetables sourced locally in order to guarantee freshness – much the same way as local cooks in the 15th century would have done.

– Olde Hansa has worked tirelessly to allow our visitors a glimpse of medieval life & to see how our forefathers dined – and this in itself is a priceless gift that we hope you feel has been worth every penny – or groat – of yours!

We hope that these answers to the most frequently asked questions provide you a deeper insight into the world of Olde Hansa, and will help you to enjoy our medieval authenticity all the more.