Olde Hansa Products

Olde Hansa Products

Olde Hansa’ Aqva Vitae

In the Middle Ages, only monks knew the art of distilling strong alcohol. It was not for nothing that this liquid was called Aqva Vitae because it was mainly used for the treatment of illnesses, not for getting drunk. In Olde Hansa, strong spirits are made by an old monk, who can occasionally be seen in Olde Hansa wearing the monk’s habit.

Olde Hansa’ Aqva Vitae – of flavoured vodka – is a traditional drink much favoured by everybody. It should be no surprise the Olde Hansa has created its very own range of ‘aquavit’ as it is more commonly known in the northern parts of Europe:

– Healing drops with pepper
– Aquavitae with caraway seed
– Wild Forrest-Berry schnapps
– Goldgrüber

World Famous Beers

Olde Hansa’s name is not only synonymous with its culinary expertise in medieval cuisine. Around the world many have visited the doors of the rich merchant’s house and enjoyed a refreshing mug of craft beer made by our ‘crafty monk’.

Prunus Dulcis -Sweet almonds

The saying that five almonds per day will prevent drunkenness and great hunger dates back from to the Middle Ages. In the 15th century, almonds very held at a great value due to their long preservation and nutrition. Olde Hansa’s sweet almonds are made manually with 16 spices and 4 different sugars since recovering the old recipes in 2003.

Creamy Fudge

Fudge is a modern-day recipe that dates back to 1886 when a recipe intended to make caramel went awry. Healthy ingredients are at the forefont of Olde Hansa’s recipes, and fudge contains only natural ingredients and flavours. Olde Hansa fudge comes in six flavours: Traditional- Himalayan salt – Chili – French Aniseed – Orange – Rum