Our kitchen masters have put together some great three-course meals for this summer. Delicious experiences for both vegetarians and those who love to eat game.

Grass and other great things25€

  • Spelt salad with a pile of greens
  • Five Delightful Tastes of Vegetarian Origin
  • Rose Pudding

Peenem kõhutäis 25€

  • Earl’s Forest Mushroom Soup
  • Elk filet in a pile of greens
  • Rose Pudding

Tummine Vatsaõnnistus 39€

  • Tastng plate with Andalusian Salmon
  • Aquavitae with Caraway seed
  • Game Filler of the Burgermeister
  • Apple and Honey Under a Crispy Coat

More than just great food

Olde Hansa has been organizing dinners with medieval theatre since 2008, and it is still possible. Write to us, if you are interested in this!

In addition, we have house musicians playing in the restaurant every Saturday and Sunday from 14.00 to 16.00

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